Hi there! I’m Erin Nichols and my love of color coordination, meticulously crafted spreadsheets, and a clutter free desktop (physical and virtual) were the original gateways to my professional experiences as an instructional designer, project manager, and content producer.

I love working collaboratively with clients, in person or remotely, and pride myself on being dependable, calm, and detail oriented. Documentation, course building, copy review, and how-to videos are pretty much my favorite things.

Believe it or not I’ve been blogging on various domains and services since 1999. My current blogs are all listed right over there on the sidebar.

I grew up in Maine, best known for lobsters, blueberries, and blizzards that will bury your car until spring. I double majored in English and Women’s Studies at UMF and I also have a Master’s degree in Educational Technology from Lesley University.

After college I lived in Boston, pretty much all of the cities that touch Boston, and San Francisco. Yes, Giants stadium really does have amazing garlic fries but I’m truly a New England girl at heart. Most recently, I’ve settled in the exceptionally picturesque itty bitty city of Portland, Maine.

I live with my partner CK, an adorable orange cat named Watson, and an eerily smart grey tabby, Dexter, whom I fear is secretly a person, meows like a dinosaur, and can open doors.