Erin is someone I can always rely on to get the work done. When given an assignment, Erin asks appropriate questions and then digs deeper to explore potential solutions. She is a wiz with technology – send her off with a tech tool and she will kick the tires until it drives her project in the right direction. Erin is a strong writer who can put a confident spin on any content. She has a brilliant, unique voice and tone, which is pleasant to both read and hear in narration. Her visual design decisions are well made – she can make your work look flawless and professional. When I need well designed, well written content with a punch, Erin is the woman I can count on!

— Kristen Bourgault
Assistant Professor of Instructional Design
Quinnipiac University

Erin was instrumental to the success of the Dallas Bilingual course. Our course was on an extremely tight timeline during the first few months of development. As we were both learning our roles and what it takes to develop TNTP courses, I knew I could count on her collaboration, flexibility, reflection, and production to flat out get it done. She rolled up her sleeves with me to meet deadlines, sometimes on weekends, sometimes late at night, certainly an invaluable asset on a team. She is talented, efficient, and builds courses with very few errors, often improving the aesthetic. She takes initiative to share feedback and communicate clarifying questions because she is deeply invested in the quality of our work.

— Lindsey Tucker (Project Manager TNTP)

I only had the pleasure of working with Erin for about a month on the Enrollment course; however, I wanted to take the opportunity to provide feedback because my experience working with her was such a positive one and I want to make sure that her outstanding work on the Enrollment project is recognized.

We had only a few weeks to revise the Enrollment course from start to finish. We were able to successfully do so in large part due to the fact that Erin is very efficient and highly skilled. Erin always completed work on or before deadlines. She also infused her knowledge and creativity into each module build. Crystal, our course builder, and I were so focused on revising content that we did not have as much time to consider layout and methods for engaging participants in Blackboard. At the start of the project, Erin asked if I would be comfortable with her “playing around” in Blackboard and applying her knowledge of design and Captivate to enhance the build. I quickly responded, “YES!” I’m so glad I did. The design changes and Captivates that Erin put in the course made all the difference. Our internal tester, Cortnei, even went out of her way to comment on how unified the course looked across modules. Erin did an amazing job (in a really short amount of time)!

— Wendy Gustave (Project Manager TNTP)

I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Erin Nichols while working within the e-Learning and Instructional Support (eLIS) Department at Lesley University. Erin has extremely high standards and is committed to quality. She consistently produced exceptional work and always paid close attention to detail. Erin instills confidence in those around her; I knew that if Erin were in charge of a project, the work would be accomplished exceedingly well. She also has a unique understanding of aesthetics that allows her to generate deliverables that are polished, professional, and compelling. Erin knows exactly how to put the necessary finishing touches on whatever she produces, which is such a rare and unique skill. I truly hope to have the opportunity to work with Erin again at some point in the future!

— Sarah Krongard (Former Senior Instructional Designer at Lesley University)